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City Model
  • See City Model requirements
  • All model requirements are in the handbook pg 71
  • See all Model Rules on page 86; Rules 30-41.
  • Must be built to scale as determined by the team.
    • Must be no bigger than 25” (W) x 50” (L) x 20” (H) including all support braces, material hanging below or beyond the tabletop, and any fully extended parts, such as access doors or hinged pullouts.

    • Vertical-oriented models are not accepted.

    • Must contain one or more moving part(s).

    • Any electrical power must be self-contained (e.g., a household battery and a simple circuit).

    • Use of electrical floor or wall outlets is not allowed.

    • No live animals, perishable items or hazardous items (e.g., dry ice) may be used in the model.

    • No audio or sound may be used as part of the model.

    • While a small number of individual pieces from previous competition models may be reused, models must be a new representation of a future city and built from the baseboard up.

  • The total value of the materials used in the model, as well as those used in support of the presentation and special awards, (including color copying/printing, 3D printing, visual aids, costumes, and other demonstration aids) may not exceed $100 and must be reported on the Competition Expense form.
  • See City Model Resources
  • Please note: Expense forms are due at the time of registration on the day of the competition.
  • Point deduction for failure to comply with the model size and expense constraints. See Competition Rules and Scoring Deduction.
  • See City Model Rubric
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Clean Water: Tap into Tomorrow
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