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Virtual City Design Slide Show Presentation

Students design a virtual city using SimCity software and present their city's progress via a slideshow presentation. This simulated design experience teaches students city planning, helps them see the consequences of their decisions, and gives them a chance to explore various layouts and designs for their future city.

Please see national website for new details on Virtual City Design Slideshow

Program Handbook is available under the Resources link on the national site

The deadline for Virtual City SLIDESHOW submission is:
December 17, 2019

PROJECT PLAN: Students work with their team to complete a project plan that will help them stay organized, focused, and on schedule as they complete the Future City project deliverables. There are four required parts to the Project Plan; these are detailed in the Program Handbook. Resource link to national site. Note: There is no rubric for the project plan; points for completion and submission.

The deadline for the Project Plan submission is:
January 15, 2020


2020 Theme:
Clean Water: Tap into Tomorrow
FC city



Indiana Regional Future City Competition .::. Hosted by: Purdue University Fort Wayne