Multiscale Computational Physics Lab






Welcome to Multiscale Computational Physics Lab

We develop fundamental theories and utilize simulation based experiments for different physical problems under different time/length scale and their applicaitons

James Chen, Lab Director

He holds his master degree from Institute of Applie Mechanics, National Taiwan University form Taiwan. His master thesis was about traveling wave dielectrophoretic pump (TW-DEP): Using traveling wave dielectrophoresis to pump cell or micro-size particles in microchannel. Before joing MCPL, he was a research assistant at NanoBioScience Lab, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan under the supervision of Dr. Chia-Fu Chou. At that time, his research project was about electrodeless dielectrophoretic DNA trap. During 2008-2011, Dr. Chen worked on his Ph.D. with Professor James D. Lee and Professor Chunlei Liang at The George Wahsington University. His Ph.D. dissertation, entiled "Micropolar Electromagnetic Fluids: Theory and Simulation," is to further extend Micropoalr fluid theory and to develop numerical schemes for compressible and imcompressible Micropolar fluids.

His research interests invloves multiscale mechanics, bio-continuum mechanics, Nanoscale electrodynamics and Micropolar fluid dynamics (Theory and Compuations). He has published more than 10 journal articles and contributed more than 15 technical reports/presentations. He is the Honorary Fellow of Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials (AIHEM) and member of ASME, APS, SES, Sigma Xi and Pi Tau Sigma (International Mechanical Engineering Honor Society).