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IEEE Student Chapter

Purdue University at Fort Wayne

[ This information may be out of date. It's being revised.]

We have the formed the following committees.

1. The Website Committee

This committee is in charge of managing the IEEE website. There is a meeting every wednesday at 2:30pm in ET 349.

2. The Social Committee

This committee plans the future events and IEEE meetings.

3. The Calibration Committee

They plan to get some equipment to calibrate the instruments used in the various labs in the Engineering and Technology Building.

4. The Mentoring and Tutoring Committee

Consists of mostly senior and junior students that can provide insight on home work and answer any relevant questions regarding many engineering classes.

5. The Job Committee

Works with local and national companies to recruit our best talent.

6. The Scholarship Committee

Provides information related to new scholarships that are available to students.


( IEEE Officers)
URL: http//:www.students.ipfw.edu/~ieee
(Modified: September 26, 2011 )