CPET/ECET 490 Senior Design Project I

Proposals & Presentations

Paul I. Lin, Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne


Fall 2008

Jason Davis & April Danuis, “Electric Scooter,” ECET 490 Proposal

Chris Nord, Justin Lange, "Wirless Patient Monitoring System," CPET/ECET 490 Proposal Presentation
Scott McNamara,"Wireless Pet Tracking and Containment System," CPET 490 Proposal Presentation
Brian Beer and Leon Tong, "Modular Data Acquisition System for Alternative Engergy Solutions," CPET/ECET 490 Proposal Presentation
Osman N. Muneer, "A Solar Power System for a Residential Application," ECET 490 Proposal Presentation
Jeremy Workman, " Implementation of Mobile VoIP using Wireless Broadband," CPET 490 Proposal Presentation


Spring 2008

Arthur K. Gonzalez and Skikanya Aluri, “Cellular Interfaced Remote Car Starting System,” ECET/CPET 490 Proposal.

Zachary A. Beard, “Service Function and Reliability Enhancement for a Web-based Enterprise Software System: Exact Synergy,”CPET 490 Proposal.
Steve E. Becker, “Mobile-Device Based Laser Positioning System Using Bluetooth Technology,”ECET 490 Proposal.
Terry L. Bender, “A Non-Contact Rotary Position Sensor Using Embedded Technology,”ECET 490 Proposal.
Nathan Brown and Carolyn Van Houtin, “Remote Sensor and Controller System Employing RFID and ZigBee Technology,”CPET/ECET 490 Proposal.
Maung S. Eddison, Wai P. Naing, and Lusi D. Morales, “Remote Monitoring of Motor Operational Data Using SMAC Protocol and Wireless Transceiver,”ECET 490 Proposal.
Chris A. Hayes, “Electric Power Cost Reduction & Management through Computer-based Predictive Control,”ECET 490. Presentation
Matthes J. Hause and Kerry A. Khan, “A Networked PLC Operational Data Integration and Viewing System,”ECET 490. Presentation