Micro/Nano Sol-Gel Corrosion Sensor Monitoring System Project Period 2011-2014  

Prime Sponsor - CERL, Army Corps of Engineers: Richard Lampo and Michael McInerney

Principle Investigator: S. C. Max Yen
Co-PIs: Dong Chen & Paul I. Lin
College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

Sol-Gel/Cylindircal Corrosion Sensor Monitoring System Presentations
CPC Report Content Requirements 2014 CPC FInal Report Template 2014
Final Report Draft (Nov. 11, 2014, 9PM)
"Examination of Corrosion on Steel Structures by Innovative Nano Sol-Gel Sensors," Max Yen, Dong Chen, Paul Lin, Bakul Dave, Steve Groff, Richard Lampo, and Michael McInerney, 2012 NACE Conference, presentation
New Tech Showcase Demo & Presentation, April 24, 2013, Room ET 141, IPFW; four presentations from 12:25 PM to 1: 25 PM, ETCS New Tech Showcase Lab Tour and Presentation Schedule (74 students attended the presentation), Pictures taken during our presentation; and here is the New Tech Showcase 2013 Fyer.
Sensors and System Pictures, April 13, 2013
"A Corrosion Monitoring System with Innovative Cylindrical Sensors for Early-Stage Warning of Enviroenmental Structures and Infrastructure," Max Yen, Paul Lin and Dong Chen; Technology Abstract, IP Presentation Poster, 2013 International Taipeu Invention Show, Sept 26-29, 2013
"Design of A Reliable Communication System Using Cloud-based Technologies for Corrosion Monitoring System,"  Paul Lin,  Max Yen, MengWei Li, Dong Chen, Robert Tilbury, Richard Lampo, and Michael McInerney, IEEE Conference on Professional Development & Latest Trends in Emerging Topics for Practicing Engineers, Nov. 8-9, 2013, Indianapolis Marriott East, PPT Presentation Slide, Presentation
"Micro/Nano Sol-Gel Corrosion Sensor System: End of Project Report," Max Yen, Dong Chen, and Paul Lin, at CERL, Champain, IL, April 14, 2014, PPT Presentation Slide, Presentation
"Wired and Wireless Sensor Networks for Bridge Health Monitoring," Paul Lin,  MengWei Li, Robert Tilbury, Max Yen, and Dong Chen, IEEE Fort Wayne Section Technical Meeting/Presentation, April 22, 2014, PPT Presentation Slide Presentation, Echo 360 Recorded Video (1 hr 24 min)

Major Parts/Components/Documentations
  1. * Micro-Nano Technology Sol-Gel Corrosion Monitoring System: Getting Started Guide, 1st revision, May 20, 2013. (correction of the measured capacitance unit in F to pF on page 18)
    * Micro-Nano Technology Sol-Gel Corrosion Monitoring System: Getting Started Guide, April 16, 2013
  2. ADAM 4016 Data Acquisition Module, Manual
  3. Embedded Faneless Windows XP PC, 1 x LAN, 2xCOM, Mini PCIe, UNO-2173A/AF User Manual
  4. One Rail Mounted 120VAC/24VDC 2.5A 60W Power Supply (MDR60-24) for powering Fanless PC
  5. Two Rail Mounted 120VAC24VDC 1.7A 40W Power Supply (MDR40-24)  for powering sensor electronics circuits with +/-24V.
  6. CAT 6 cables and plugs for connecting Sensor Electronics Boxes to Sol-Gel Corrosion Monitoring System Enclosure: CAT 6 Cable and Plug/Connector Assembly Guide, Flex Cable Connector/Socket (PX0739/P plug and PX0739/S socket) Data sheet from Bulgin, 4/24/2013

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