Department of Computer, Electrical, and Information Technology


CPET/ECET 491 Senior Design Project II


Student Project Presentations & Demonstration


Echo 360 Recorded Project Presentations

8:00 AM-12:20 Noon

Friday, December 13, 2013

Room ET 346




§  “Q&A Web Application,” Adam B. Frisby, CPET 491,

§  ”Mobile Comfort  Control,”  Michael C. McNair and Nathan J. Schaefer, CPET 491,

§  Auto Dialing Sump Pump Alarm System,” Fahad A. Nader, ECET 491,

§  A Small Wind Power Generator System,” Mathew T. Roell, ECET 491,

§  “USB Based Data Acquisition,” Honroe Hodary, ECET 491,

§  ”Remote Status Reporting of Freezer Temperature,” Steve Bienz, ECET 491,