Guidelines for Accomplishing Course Project


Phase 1: Project Proposal

            Define the project (problem)

-         Project team

-         Team member responsibilities

-         Project idea:

o       Demand from your work (sponsors)

o       In search of demand (solving Web-based automation and control problems, Industrial applications, manufacturing, Web server issues, etc)

-         Assess your readiness for a Web programming application project (high, medium, low)

-         Resources needed

-         Estimated starting and completion dates

-         Proof of concept (small, low-cost effort)

-         Project overview

-         Questions/answers


Phase II: Project Planning

            Project Team Kickoff Meeting Agenda

-         Project introduction

o       Goals and objectives

o       Project scope

-         Project Overview

-         Project milestones

-         Draft project plan review

-         Questions and answers

-         Next steps



Phase III: Project Management

-         Review project plan

o       Review completed tasks

o       Review milestones completed and pending

o       Review major deliverables status

o       Task assignment for the next period

-         Review issues and follow-up

o       Review issues resolved since last meeting (resolution, who, when, move to close)

o       Review new issues (how to and steps to resolve, responsible party, priority, date to be resolved by)

-         Review change requests

o       Review change requests closed since last meeting

o       Review new change requests (determine responsible party for analysis, priority)

o       Review open change requests to determine if a change in status

-         Activity logs (each member)

-         Project status reports

o       Work accomplished during week of x

o       Work planned through x

o       Open issues/change control


Suggested Status Report Format




PERIOD: Week of 10/16/2000

Work Accomplished during week of 10/16/2000


Work planned through 10/27/2000


Open Issue/Change


Issue Tracking Log (spreadsheet)


Issue#   Topic                Issue             ID Date  Resp     Date Closed Status Priority Rptd By

WEB01 Hardware                       10/20                Jack                 10/21            High            Paul


            Change Control Log (row format)

Change #

Change Request

Req. By            Date



Est. Efforts:  3 days, 20 days, TBD

Est Cost

Date Closed

Status: Closed, open


Phase V. Final project binder, report, and presentation




"The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit," by Ralph Kimball, Laura Reeves, Margy Ross, and warren Thornthwaite,  form John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 1998