M.S. Course Project Presentations

Fall  2012-Spring 2013

Professor Paul I-Hai Lin
Purdue University's Master of Science in Technology Gradute Program:
IT/Advanced Computer Applications Track


Fall 2012

CPET 565 Mobile Computing Systems: Final Project Presentations

  1. Mobile Inventory Management for Pharmacies, CPET 565, Sayed Nayab Hassan & Heidi Prussing, Presentation
  2. Mobile Inventory Tracking & Warehouse Syste, CPET 565, Muhammad Sboaib Mansur & Joel Bauer, Presentation
  3. Sale Executive Dashboard App, CPET 499, James Fracica and Chris Frey, Presentation 
  4. Mobile Customer Support Pilot Project, CPET 565, Stephen Obima & Meng-Wei Li, Presentation
  5. Mobile Parts Tracking System for Customer Support Application,  CPET 565 Samson Amede and CPET 499 Michael McNair, Presentation
  6. A Smartphone Based Using QR-Code: an Enterprise Mobility Pilot Project, Luis D. Morales & Robert Tilbury, Presentation

Dec. 12, 2012
Fall 2012

CPET 575 Management of Technology: Final Project Presentations

  1. Entry into Orthopedic Device Manufacture: Johnson & Johnson Acquires DePuy, Greg Scalet and Mark Fisher, Presentation
  2. Raytheon: Ensuring Continuous Technological Innovation and Creativity, Stephen Obioma and Hemchand Lallad, Presentation
  3. An Investigation into WaterFurnance’s Geothermal Heat Pumps Systems: Sustainability within the HVAC Renewable Energy Market, Henry Offiah and Ryan Van De Weg, Presentation
Dec. 14, 2012