CPET 598-02 Master of Science Directed Projects

Fall  2012-Spring 2013

Professor Paul I-Hai Lin
Purdue University's Master of Science in Technology Gradute Program:
IT/Advanced Computer Applications Track


Spring 2013

CPET 598-02 M.S. Directed Projects (Thesis) - Echo 360 Presentation

  1. An Evaluation of Document Management and Business Process Improvements Using Cloud Technology, Kevin Locasio, Presentation
  2. Nimi-Functional Testing System for HVAC Controller, Joseph Ko, Presentation
  3. Design Issues for Electronic Health Record Using Cloud Computing Technologies, Sayed N. Hassan, Presentation
April 17, 2013
Fall 2012
CPET 598-02 M.S. Directed Project (Thesie)
*Evaluating A Scientific Application in a Public Cloud Computing Environment: A Case Study of GNU Octave on the Amazon EC2 System, Matt Duguid, Presentation
Dec. 12, 2012