CPET 355 Data Communications and Networking
Sections 01C, 02D, 03D, and 04D
Spring 2004 

Paul I-Hai Lin, Professor 
Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology 
Purdue University, Fort Wayne Campus  

Course Syllabus (Update on Jan. 26, 2004 with Lab assignment changes)

Lecture Notes (Lecture note 7-1: The Application Layer: Domain Name System; Lecture note 7-2: The Application Layer: Email; Lecture note 7-3: The Application Layer: World Wide Web - Part 1, posted 4/19/2004.)

Homework Assignments (Hw 7 assigned 4/22/04, dur 5/3/04)

Lab Assignments
Lab 4 - LAN Installation and Troubleshooting: Distance Learnners 4/8/04-4/29/04 report due; TV studio students report due 4/14/04.
Lab 5 - Implementing and Securing a Wi-Fi Wireless Network, Distance Learners 4/8/04 - 4/29/04 report due; ; TV studio students report due 4/14/04.

Student Skill Survey

Student Learing Style Survey http://www.engr.ncsu.edu/learningstyles/ilsweb.html (3/29/04-4/14/2004)


Examples (Using FlukeOneTouch Network Assistant, 3/22/2004)

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