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The student section of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at IPFW would like to invite you to join us for an exciting year of activities. Your participation allows you to meet other women in engineering/technology/computer science professions
Our activities include the Annual Opportunity Banquet where you can network with representatives from local companies in Fort Wayne and its surrounding area. In addition, plant tours and study sessions for finals and FE exams are organized. For the montly meetings professionals are invited as guest speakers to talk about their experiences. There is also a picnic to kick off the fall semester.

Please plan to attend an exciting year.
For more information please contact: swe@engr.ipfw.edu

Congratulations to the new officers of 2014-2015!
Tiffany Temple, President
Rachael Klopfenstein, Vice President
Diana Baker, Treasurer
Breyana Ousley, Secretary
Makaylia Rosebrock, Outreach Director

Glenna Raber

Dr. Elizabeth Thompson, thompson@engr.ipfw.edu